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benefits of setting goals

Benefits of Setting Goals

  • November 15, 2018

Goals are powerful tools that one can use to propel in life both socially and economically. They can lead to progression both in your profession and you day to day life in general.

When you are comfortable in creating your own goals and you tirelessly work to attain them not only boost your confidence but also helps you lead a happy and fulfilling and more meaningful life.


Professionals are one of the individuals that show goal setting. This is owed to the fact that they are able to work on a full time basis and still able to have some good time with their family members.

They are also able to extend a hand and actively participate in community based activities and at the end of the day have time to attend to their hobbies and interests.

The secret of all this lies in their ability to manage their time properly and wisely. Proper goal setting solely relies on proper time management.

The benefits of setting goals do not only accrue to the professionals. To succeed in life, goal setting is paramount. Each and every successful person acknowledges the weight of goal setting.

Successful lawyers, athletes and doctors have in one way or another set goal in their lives.

Major benefit of setting goals

One major benefit of setting goals is that it acts as a map. They help you identify areas in your life that you are driving at. It helps you work through the goal that you want to achieve in your life. Thus when you set goals you reap maximum benefits in your life.

One way to set meaningful goals is to identify the exact goal that you want to attain. What really do you want to achieve in life? This is an important question that you need to ask yourself so that you have a concrete idea of where your life is headed.

The next thing is to identify the date in which you are completing the goal you have set. It is important to note that goals should have a date through which they can be completed.

To a large extent it does not amount to a goal if it does not have a set date of completion. In this case it amounts to day dreaming. Goals set should be realistic and have a basis. They should not be far fetched.

Another benefit that accrues to goal setting is that goals act as vision. When you have a goal you have vision. A vision that enables that you see yourself. For example if you set goal of where you want to see yourself and after five years it comes to happen.

It will look like that you predicted your future. A vision brings an aspect of contentment and gives you a forward insight and to a large extent may make you work harder and harder.

How To Set Goals And Achieve Them

The first step on how to set goals and achieve them is to determine the type of goals that you are setting. Attainable goals can either be short term or long term and be one that augurs well with your professional objectives. You should set plans that augur well with your life ones that will help you live a balanced and lead you to being a better person.

The second thing is to express the goals that you are setting in the form of a positive statement. All the goals should be jotted down and in a complete form. They should be in the format like by the end of this year I want to accomplish such and such a thing.

Another thing to take in to account is the word SMART. This to say that your goals should be specific and not ambiguous; they should be measurable both quantitatively and quantitatively. They should also be attainable. This is to imply that they should not be farfetched and be time bound. That is you should have a certain time on which you should have accomplished.

Each and every goal should have assigned priorities. They should be prioritized such that you start with one that is up in the rank instead of starting with them as a whole. This is vital so that you do not end up not knowing where to start.

Ensure that you also organize all the resources that you need in such a way they help you in ensuring that you meet the set goals. Have a vision and see yourself achieving the set goal.

how to set goals and achieve themConsider reviewing your goals from time to time so that you do not lose focus and you are on track to attaining your goals.

All the major goals can be broken in to small bits so that you are able to properly visualize and see yourself achieving them. Breaking them in to bits also makes them manageable.

Also as priorities change consider also changing your goals so that they augur well with priorities in life.

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