Title: Dubai’s Bachelors Are To Be Segregated

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Dubai’s bachelors, who are always over the barrel and under a constant demand for being segregated from the rest of the community, are a worried entity today. Read more about this aspect of Dubai’s life through this article.

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Dubai’s unprecedented rise in the world of trade and commerce and tourism is largely due to the hardworking expatriate community living there. Up to eighty percent of the city’s population is estimated to be made up by the Europeans, Indians, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans, East Asians and people from many other regions of the whole world. They have been the main cause why Dubai has had unparalleled growth in the world of commerce for the last several decades. This presence of outsiders however, often leads to many social issues taking place and the matter being fiercely debated across various social strata. Among these comes the issue of Dubai’s bachelors who are always over the barrel and under a constant demand for being segregated from the rest of the community. However, not only does it require a herculean effort for accomplishing any such segregation, but it also calls for the basic human rights of the singles being taken into due consideration by the authorities.

As the world knows by now, Dubai is one of the most sought after destinations for the job seekers around its neighbourhood. Many recruiters go as far as the Indian subcontinent and the Far Eastern countries for making fresh recruitment. This involves well paid positions for those who might be ready to spend from six months to several years on instant assignments. Obviously, a large number of these rookies have to travel all alone for attaining livelihoods. They are given accommodation at places that are either outdated or are yet to fully develop. A majority of the adjoining localities may find all such occupations intruding.

Complaints of harassment by the single population have been made from time to time and the issue raised at several fora, so much so that the administration was forced to intervene on many occasions. It’s no secret that despite Dubai’s modern outlook, its Islamic background plays a crucial role in many spheres. There are no orthodox codes for the behaviour of men and women, but the conservatism still looms over large. Nobody likes in this world anyway, their womenfolks being stared and commented upon by the singles next door. Singles on their own part, living away from their homes for months and years, may sometimes fail to understand this basic ingredient of living peacefully, and therefore end up being a headache for their hosts.

Dubai’s administration has made all its efforts to keep bachelor housing as much segregated as possible. However, the issues still refuses to die down amicably. Dubai’s government has recently announced that all bachelors will be segregated from the rest of Emirate’s community, and given separate housing. This may take up to two years to fully accomplish. A recent estimate suggests, out of the total 1,321,453 Dubai’s citizenry, 74.86 per cent or 989,305 fall in the male category, and 25.14 per cent or 332,148 in the female one. This increase of the male population could directly be attributed to the booming construction and economic activities in the Emirate, which requires calling for a significant outside workforce, comprising mainly of the bachelors.

Only time will suggest how successful Dubai’s administration proves out in tackling the singles versus non-singles conundrum. It’s going to be hard time ahead for the bachelors on their own part, as they will have to move out of their present housing areas to the newly built ones. Bachelors are somewhat stranded in Dubai’s environs today, waiting for their fate to be decided by the latest administrative moves.

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