Title: God Bless all the Truckers

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Godd Bless all the Truckers from TruckerJeff’s Blog

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God Bless all the Truckers

Dear God, Bless all the Truckers on the highway and bring them home safe and sound to their loving families.

May the Highways lead you to a safe Journey to your next Delivery and Destination. Thank you for bringing home Americas Freight and putting our Necessities on the store shelves.

NOTE: Freight Never stops, And GayTruckstop Network? knows this first hand. For each and every driver out their that will be home for a holiday. There will be many that will not make it home. Or will spend a national holiday in the bunk of their truck!. Some Drivers Choose this, While others do not due to DEMANDING FREIGHT.

Do yourself and a driver a favor, Shake his or her hand and thank them for Delivering the freight that we all rely on thru our daily lives!, Thank them for bringing home the very clothes you are wearing. Thank them for almost anything you can imagine, Cause one thing is obvious. At 1 point, It was moved by a TRUCK!

Thank you Truckers

TruckerJeff ( Jeffrey Bailey )

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